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Day 2 - June 24

Day 2 - Friday, June 24, 2022

7:15 am   Check-in for Tour; Receive Bus Assignments
7:45 am CT   Buses leave Bismarck from BSC
9:00 am MT   Kokomo Sculpture Gallery   Lemmon, SD
    View the astounding sculpture collection of internationally known sculptor, John Lopez, including this famous full-size fighting buffalo pair, and much more.
9:40 am   Petrified Park   Lemmon, SD
    Quick view of the 1930s Petrified Park: 1 ½ city blocks filled with petrified wood and cannonball fantasies. Distribute Hugh Glass Rendezvous flyers.
10:45 am   Shadehill Buffalo Jump    
    TBD For thousands of years before they had horses and guns, Native Americans on the Northern Plains knew the secrets of drive lines and the buffalo jump. No one knew their prey better than these seasoned hunters. Shadehill is identified as an authentic buffalo jump by the South Dakota office of the Bureau of Land Management and also by an archeological team from the University of North Dakota.
11:45 am   Lunch at Shadehill Recreation Area (or Summerville Café)
1:45 pm   Jim Strand’s buffalo herd    
    We will visit Jim Strand’s herd of around 400 buffalo in the pasture. Jim, the herdsman,
customarily circles the herd with the feed wagon for us and the buffalo come running. Everyone stays on the buses, and can take photos safely from the windows as the buffalo mill close around. It’s a rare opportunity to watch a large buffalo herd close-up and moving.
3:15 pm   Hiddenwood Hunt Historic Site    
    This historic site is where “The Great Buffalo Hunt” began in June 1882, in this broad fertile valley near Hiddenwood Cliff. The large hunting party of 2,000 men, women and children had left Fort Yates, 100 miles east, on June 10, 1882, moving slowly. Quietly, feverishly, the hunters spread out along the flanks. Running Antelope gave the signal. The hunters swooped down at full speed, dashing among the buffalo as they attacked from the hills on both sides of Hiddenwood Creek. They killed 2,000 buffalo on that first day. On the third day they hunted again and killed 3,000 for a total of 5,000. Then they stopped to care for the meat and hides.
4:30 pm   Last Stand Sitting Bull Hunt    
    This is where the American buffalo made their last stand—in this remote and beautiful valley of the North Grand River and others like it within a radius of perhaps 30 or 40 miles. It could be the place where at the very end in the fall of 1883, Sitting Bull and his band killed the very last wild buffalo in their two-day hunt. Local people have long called this the Butchering Site because of the many buffalo skulls and other buffalo bones found here.
5:30 pm   Buffalo Dinner, Hettinger Museum    
6:30 pm   Prairie Thunder, Museum    
7:30 pm MT
11:00 pm CT
  Leave for Bismarck
Arrive Bismarck

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